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Year 9 visit the County Hall during Local Democracy week

On Friday 16th October 2015, ten Year 9 pupils represented the Anglo European School at Essex County Council’s annual Local Democracy Week event for Essex school pupils.  Pupils were mixed with pupils from other schools to plan an argument for or against a motion to debate in the council chamber with the debates chaired by Chair of Essex County Council, Norman Hume.  In the afternoon, pupils had a chance to ask questions to five councillors on current issues affecting them. Feedback from the pupils was very positive, many remarking how challenging it was to speak publicly in front of so many people in a room as grand as the council chamber.

Nick Hills, the teacher accompanying the pupils said, “it was a privilege to see our pupils working well with pupils from other schools in an environment where so many important decisions are made that affect them directly.  The atmosphere was at the least intimidating for some of them but the quality of the public speaking from all pupils on the day was of a very high quality.  The programme for the day enabled pupils to develop skills of public speaking, advocacy and representation, skills that they are likely to use as they go through life”.