“I love this school; it is about humanity. It makes me feel safe.”

“Thank you to the headteachers, Mr. Caldwell, and all of the teachers who welcomed us in their classes for enabling us to observe in such a dynamic school. We found our time in Ingatestone enjoyable and helpful.”

” I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who gave up your time to take my daughter, Freya to Ebblinghem last week. She had a lovely time and I really appreciate the personal sacrifices you made to make it happen, particularly those of you with children.”

“Freya made an interesting observation when at the war graves; she noticed another school were also visiting from England, and was shocked by their inappropriate and disrespectful behaviour. I wanted to thank you for encouraging the children to behave in a manner befitting the war dead. I hope you have had a restful day off.”

“Thank you for your email. It is highly encouraging to know the Anglo is taking an active part in informing its community of the facts. I won’t be attending as I have already cast my vote by post, but I’m sure it will be very informative for many of our young people, including my son Andrew Hariz who will be voting for the first time in his young adult life.”

“Thank you for always striving to be different. This is what makes the Anglo so unique and I am so glad my children have benefited from being a part of it.”

“Thank you ever so much for letting us know about the train, we are so glad you took that decision this is another reason why we chose Anglo, it shows how you care. Not only you let us know but senior staff went to the station to make sure the kids were ok, you really go beyond, you don’t know how grateful to know our children are so well look after on all levels and in such safe and capable hands such a relief you can’t imagine. Also all the communication you always keep us up to day with everything even sending mail late on a Sunday if there is a train problem, strike.. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.