Covid contextual information in support of UCAS applications

During the lockdown period of 2020-21, we provided a mixture of live remote lessons and work set remotely due to safeguarding and equity of access concerns. In keeping with government guidelines, student work was assessed at regular intervals.

However, due to concerns regarding our student’s mental wellbeing and teacher workload, assessments were less frequent than they would normally have been during the normal workings of the school, which undoubtedly had some impact upon student progress.

Whilst the Sixth Form had a reasonably good record with student engagement in remote learning, there were some students who due to issues with technology or home circumstances who found this experience far harder than others, resulting in a significant increase in the level of intervention required by Sixth Form staff members and some students who fell behind with their studies.

A programme of catch-up intervention was put in place upon our return in the Spring of 2021 which was successful, though this was unable to fully replace the loss of consistent face to face teaching for some students over such a prolonged period requiring further individual support.