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Key Documents:

Please find in this section a range of key documents that you can download for current or prospective Sixth Formers. These documents will be updated regularly during the year. Should you require any further information about them then please contact the Sixth Form team.

Covid contextual information in support of UCAS applications 

During the lockdown period, we did not provide live zoom lessons due to safeguarding and access concerns, to ensure a safe and fair provision for all students. In keeping with government guidelines, students were provided with work remotely, which was assessed at regular intervals. However, due to concerns regarding our student’s mental wellbeing and teacher workload, assessments were less frequent than they would normally have been during the normal workings of the school, which would have had an impact on their progress. Additionally, teachers were primarily only available for discussion via email, which again may have impacted upon the quality of feedback given. Whilst we had a reasonably good record with student engagement in remote learning, there were some students who due to issues with technology or home circumstances who found this experience far harder than others, resulting in a significant increase in the level of intervention required by Sixth Form staff members.  

Small group sessions were offered for a number of Sixth Form subjects, however these were limited in the number of students that were allowed to participate due to social distancing guidelines and physical constraints in our classrooms. In addition, given a very large percentage of our students have to travel long distances on public transport to our school, this led to some parents being unwilling to take the risk to send students to school for these sessions. As a school, there was a significant focus during this lockdown period on maintaining the wellbeing of our students, at the expense of the traditional rigorous academic programme that we would ordinarily have put in place, which undoubtedly will have had an impact upon the academic progress of some students during this period.  

In order to facilitate GCSE and A Level re-sit sessions this Autumn, our internal Preliminary Public Examinations had to take place within two weeks of our students being back in school, which will have impacted upon the time available for teachers to reinforce knowledge taught during lockdown. This has led to some predicted grades being slightly lower that in normal years as there has not been sufficient evidence so far to warrant a higher grade at this stage. 

In addition, since our return in September we have had a number of positive cases in the Upper Sixth, resulting in significant numbers of students having to self-isolate. As the rest of the peer group was in school available to be taught, it meant that those students self-isolating have only been provided with basic class materials from the lessons by teachers, which we are concerned will have had some impact upon progress. By the end of the Autumn Term, a rise in the number of positive cases in the year group unfortunately meant that all the Upper Sixth were asked to isolate for a two week period, meaning that no face to face teaching took place and all work was set remotely.