The International Baccalaureate Diploma Route (IBDP)

In order to study on the IBDP route, students must first meet our general matriculation requirement of 5 GCSEs grades 9-5 including a grade 5 or above in English.  A pass in the Diplome du Citoyen is also a matriculation requirement for students who studied at the Anglo European prior to joining the Sixth Form or evidence of an international perspective for external students.

We require that the student has obtained a grade 6, or above, at GCSE for any subject that they wish to study at Higher Level and a grade 5, or above, for any subject that they wish to study at Standard Level, with the exception of Mathematics.

Our Sixth Form is unusual in that we offer you the IBDP as an alternative to A Levels.  The IBDP is accepted as an entry qualification to Higher Education and professions throughout the world and our experience shows that it is particularly highly regarded by all Universities.  The educational philosophy of the IB is simple: to provide a balanced academic programme which avoids over–specialisation but does not sacrifice depth to breadth.

In the IBDP you will take six subjects, three at Higher Level (the equivalent to A Level) and three at Standard Level (the equivalent to AS Level).  The nature of the examination has not changed at all, unlike the recent A Level changes.  The six subjects must come from the categories below:

English Literature HL SL
French HL SL Ab Initio
German HL SL
Italian SL Ab Initio
Japanese SL
Mandarin SL
Russian SL
Spanish HL SL Ab Initio
Business Management SL
Economics HL SL
Geography HL SL
Global Politics SL
History HL SL
Philosophy HL SL
Psychology HL SL
Biology HL SL
Chemistry HL SL
Physics HL SL
Mathematics Analysis HL
Mathematics Applications SL
Chemistry HL SL
Economics HL SL
French HL SL
History HL SL
Mandarin SL
Psychology HL SL
Visual Arts HL SL

Additionally students will be required to:

  • Follow the Theory of Knowledge course which encourages logical, critical and philosophical thought, completing an exhibition in year 1 and an essay in year 2
  • Participate in a range of Creative, Activity and Community Services (CAS)
  • Write a research-based Extended Essay in one of the six subjects

The grades for each subject range from 7 (highest) to 1 (lowest) and a minimum of 24 points is required to obtain a Diploma.  Candidates can obtain up to 3 additional points for a good Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge mark.