Studying with us

  • Classes are smaller than in Years 7-11.  Typically the average size of Lower Sixth A Level class is 15 and on Lower Sixth IB courses it is 10.  Lessons in the Sixth Form are different too with a more interactive style evident in your lessons, alongside more independent learning. You will be expected to contribute in class and read around your subjects outside of your lessons
  • As a result, staff-student relationships are different – they are more adult and friendly. This means that staff are perhaps more approachable outside of lessons, therefore you are encouraged to speak to your teachers if you are worried about your progress or are keen to find out what more you could be doing to improve your understanding. In addition, we have an excellent Pastoral Team who are willing to help you with all non-academic matters
  • You will experience a much more adult atmosphere as E Block is a Sixth Form teaching and study area where you will be expected to: take on more responsibility for your own progress, organise some of your own time in a number of independent study periods, plan your work to meet  deadlines, all of which requires a more mature approach.  We expect you to approach your time at school in a professional manner.  Whilst at school you should apply yourself to the task at hand, work in the study room and potentially stay behind after school to study. By using your independent study time wisely, and taking your studies seriously you are much more likely to be successful.  You will be given far more rights, but with this there are the associated responsibilities of being a member of the Sixth Form
  • We expect you to take responsibility for your own learning outside of lessons, to be up to date about topical newsworthy events in your subjects and to read quality newspapers and periodicals available in the School Library and online
  • Academic work is more challenging – you study fewer subjects but the standard of work is much more advanced.  The students who do well are the ones who show commitment and application from the first day of their Sixth Form studies and crucially ask for help when unsure.  We will help you manage your studies if you need this help but you must commit to fully immersing yourself in your studies
  • You can have a greater involvement in your year group’s school and social activities.  Sixth Formers are expected to take on responsibility for suggesting and organising many activities.  In the Sixth Form you will also have the opportunity to stand for Head/Deputy Boy or Girl.  You will then be able to suggest proposals to improve the Sixth Form/school life.  Recent improvements have included changes to  webpage access for Sixth Form students, recycling bins in the Sixth Form area, a garden/patio area for Sixth Form students, improvements to the display and presentation boards, a meal deal for Anglo students at a local sandwich shop, and Wi-Fi in the Sixth Form area
  • The Sixth Form offers more privileges, but makes more demands – there is no school uniform, but there is a dress code.  You can go off the school site at lunch time and some of your independent study time may be undertaken at home with approval.  However, as senior members of the school, you are expected to set good examples to the rest of the pupils, take on extra responsibilities, show visitors around the school and contribute to supporting school activities, including open evenings and sports day.  You will become role models for 1000+ younger students