Wider Curriculum

Sixth Form education at the Anglo European School is about far more than simply the A Level, AIB, IBDP or IBCP courses that you study. Alongside your chosen academic courses, you will take part in a range of activities which will help you develop skills for later life and will broaden your experience.  The wider curriculum programme is an integral part of Sixth Form life and it consists of these main strands: Language Study, the Citizenship programme, Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS), Physical Education and broader extracurricular activities. Further details are available here:

Language Study – All students will study at least one language other than English in the Sixth Form.  This will be as part of an IBDP, A Level, AIB, or IBCP programme dependent upon your ability and your career/university aspirations. The study of a foreign language at any level will not only make you more aware of different cultures but will also give you valuable skills for the global workplace in the future

Citizenship Programme – All students study Citizenship in the Sixth Form which includes analysis of issues such as Human Rights, Volunteering, Presentation Skills, UCAS, Interview skills etc. and is assessed as part of the Advanced Diplome du Citoyen

Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) – All students will be expected to follow this course which will give them the opportunity to improve their practical skills and have a great deal of fun in areas such as Computing, Painting, Model United Nations, Kitchen Survival, Craft, Drama, Music, Sports Leadership, Community Service and P.E.  These subjects help students     build up their study skills, confidence and independence as well as learn skills that are relevant to their lives: how to cook a meal, balance a budget, present to an audience.  Many of the skills that are developed on the CAS course show universities and prospective employers that the student has a great deal to offer above and beyond their academic courses

Physical Education – Students have the opportunity to take part in teams – e.g. swimming, cross country, rugby, football and netball. There is also the possibility to help out with a number of lower school sports clubs assisting the PE staff

Extra-Curricular Activities – During your time in the Sixth Form, you will find plenty of broader opportunities to take part in that will develop your non-academic skills.  Here are a selection of the many that we offer:

  • Educational Conferences – internal, local and international
  • Organising the Year 10 Model United Nations Conference
  • International Day organisation
  • Students organise a Christmas party for local senior citizens
  • Helping junior pupils as ‘Vertrauensschüler’ (peer mentoring)
  • Support of junior pupils with special needs or in running their clubs and activities
  • Organising the Upper Sixth end of year Prom
  • Student Executive and Anglo Council
  • Amnesty International Group
  • Sixth Form international affairs network
  • Debating Society
  • Creative Writing Society
  • School Newspaper

As a Sixth Form student your life here will be very busy.  We are looking for energetic, interesting and diverse young people who are willing to make the most of the opportunities that we offer and who will leave us fully prepared with all the skills and experiences that employers and universities look for alongside academic excellence.