Year 11 Transition

Lower Sixth Induction Days

Dear prospective Lower Sixth students,

Adjusting to the requirements of studying in our International Sixth Form begins during the transition process. To successfully make this transition, students are to attend our induction days and complete the transition work detailed below.


Induction Days

To ensure that students make a smooth transition to our International Sixth Form, all students with an offer letter are to attend our induction days. The dates for 2022 are Monday 4th July and Tuesday 5th July. During these days students meet their peers, Form Tutors and Route Leaders, in addition to developing their understanding of the study routines required to become a successful Sixth Form student. Students are to adhere to the Sixth Form dress code,, and will receive a letter outlining the timings, itinerary and equipment required. We look forward to welcoming our students during these days

Transition Work

During the summer, it is important to read ahead and grasp a foundation of knowledge required for your Sixth Form courses. As such, your course teachers have developed a transition work document for you to complete. Your teachers will expect to see this work in your first lesson in September. The transition work below is from 2021 and will be updated shortly .

We look forward to meeting you over the two induction days

Best wishes
AES International Sixth Form Team.

Year 11 to Lower Sixth Transition Work

Please find on this page some key sections to help you transition effectively into our Sixth Form. Students and teachers consistently comment that the jump in terms of academic challenge and expectations from Year 11 to IB and A Level is very significant and that the students who anticipate this jump and prepare for it are the ones that are most likely to transition effectively and make the quickest progress towards their potential. The links to the resources below will help you bridge this gap, therefore I’d encourage you to engage with them as soon as possible:

i) GCSE Knowledge Gaps – supplementary work on a range of GCSE courses to ensure you have a solid foundation for IB or A Level study in that subject

ii) Year 11 to Lower Sixth Bridging Work – this introductory work in each subject is designed to develop your confidence and interest and is compulsory for all new Sixth Form students

iii) Eton X course – an excellent free course to help you develop your critical thinking skills, which is a key determinant of success in the Sixth Form

iv) Transition videos – some short videos from the Sixth Form team and Head Boy/Girl team with top tips to help you transition into the Sixth Form (See below)

  1. GCSE Knowledge Gaps

2. Year 11 Looking Forward 1

3. Year 11 Looking Forward 2

4. Year 11 Intro to study skills

5. HB, HG Top tips