Student Council

We recognise that our students have a valuable contribution to make within our school and local community and encourage them to take an active role in running our school.

Our student voice comprises of two elected bodies whose role it is to listen to the views of our student community and work collaboratively with school staff in making our school a better place to learn.

In the lower school, students are represented by the Anglo Council. Councillors meet once per month in our conference room where they discuss and agree action on student matters. These meeting are chaired by 6th form Student Executive members, minutes are recorded by a Clerk and a member of our school leadership team is also in attendance. Councillors are appointed through a selection process and serve for one year. Each year group is represented by four councillors who are responsible for reporting back to their peers via form classes, assemblies and other organised feedback sessions. Each Anglo Council councillor proudly wears a badge so that they can be easily identified within our school community.

The Sixth Form is led by an elected Head Boy and Girl and their deputies. They form the Student Executive, whose role includes managing Anglo Council meetings, working with teachers and support staff and planning for improvements. The Head Boy and Girl meet regularly with members of the school leadership team and are invited to attend leadership meetings, where they share the views of the student community.

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