Webmail and Folders

Webmail: https://outlook.office.com

Folders: http://folders.angloeuropean.essex.sch.uk

The small print
Users should be aware that this access is best suited to broadband connections as dial-up connections tend to be too slow for this operation. The system has been thoroughly tested and proven to work, and the school cannot be held responsible for any problems caused to home computer systems or files held on the school’s Network. Users should also be aware that the school Network has a high level of security.

The Code of Use that all pupils and students have agreed to covers all access to the school’s Network whether from school or not, and any infringement of the Code will be treated in the same way irrespective of whether it occurred in school or from an offsite computer. All activities and files on the Network remain the property of the school and as such are not deemed to be private. The school reserves the right to review all files and activities on the school’s Network and to take whatever action is considered necessary to ensure the integrity of the Network.

Users need to ensure that offsite computers are fully protected from viruses and that such protection is up to date. The school’s anti-virus protection is updated on a regular basis.