Year 9 Preferences Page

Welcome to the Year 9 GCSE preferences page. Here you will find all the subject curriculum pages detailing course content, setting arrangements and methods of assessments for all the GCSE subjects offered at the school. You will also find the layout of the option blocks.

English language, English Literature and Mathematics are compulsory subjects that all students must take.  All students must also take science and they can either take the Combined Science course or opt to take Triple Science (only recommended for students in the top two sets in Year 9).

Students must choose one subject from each of the option blocks A – E. The blocks A and B are the language blocks and the students have already chosen their languages in Year 7 or Year 8; therefore, they have already selected these preferences.  As they plan for Year 10 and 11, they have to select their preferences from blocks C-E: a humanity, an art subject and then an elective free choice.

The Year 9 form is now closedPlease contact Mr Seager directly if you have any concerns:

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