Frequently Asked Questions

We realise that both students and parents/carers will have lots of questions about joining the Anglo.

Parents will receive a Welcome Pack with lots of useful information including some of the more frequently asked questions below. If you need any further details, please contact the school on



We realise that our school may be much larger than your primary/junior school but you will be surprised how quickly you will get to know your way around. When you start the school, a map is included in your student guide. And there are lots of staff and students who will help you find where you need to go. All Year 7 students should wear their year group pin on their lapel so staff and students know that you are new to the school and may need some extra support. Pins can be purchased by your parent/carer via ParentPay.

The school has a ‘cashless catering’ system which means you do not need cash to buy food/drinks. Instead, your parent/carer will put money on your catering account online and you will use your thumbprint to log what you have eaten when you go through the tills. More information about the menus can be found on our Catering page.

We have many, many students every year who join us without knowing anyone else in their year at all, so we can reassure you that you will definitely not be the only student who does not know anyone else, at first. You will very quickly get to know others from your form, other classes, on the school bus or train or perhaps from Study Club (which is held before and after school and during lunch times) or another Extra Curricular club.

ou can speak to any member of staff (both teachers and support staff) who will be happy to help you. You will have registration every morning with your form tutor and during morning break and lunch time, you can go to Student Services (in C block) who are always there to help with anything. Your Year Leader is also in C block if you have any questions or concerns.

During the first couple of weeks, your teachers fully understand that you are getting used to your new school. Your timetable will be the same for every two weeks so you will very quickly get used to which lessons you have on each day. Perhaps take some time the night before to pack your school bag and get organised for the next day.



All the information on the school uniform can be found here.

The school uses Parentpay as the method to receive payments for all items such as topping up your child’s catering account, paying for visits or music lessons etc. You will receive your log on details as part of the Admissions process.

Information on buses/trains can be found here.