Extra Curricular Clubs

The School offers an extensive programme of extra curricular activities with a wide and diverse selection of clubs. Our aim is to stimulate and extend students’ passions, interests, and knowledge. Students can choose to take part in competitive and recreational sports, drama groups and productions, musical activities, art, technology, languages, history, and many others. All extra curricular activities are inclusive in nature and we encourage all of our students to take part and showcase their many talents.

Engaging in extra-curricular activities is more than just a school routine; it's a gateway to boundless opportunities for growth and discovery. 

Our school boasts an array of activities. providing students with avenues to explore their passions, foster leadership skills, and build new friendships. 

From athletic pursuits like football, basketball and netball to creative outlets like drama, music and art, there's something for everyone.

Our debate society, coding club and enterprise club offer platforms to cultivate critical thinking, technological prowess, and entrepreneurship. These activities not only complement academic pursuits but also enrich the overall student experience, nurturing well - rounded individuals poised for success in both their academic and personal endeavours.


Girls playing basketball

Girls Basketball Team at Anglo European School