Welcome to the examinations section of the school website. The examinations team are responsible for the organisation of all of the Public Examinations run by the school, as well as the internal mock examinations, which we call PPEs (Preliminary Public Examinations).

We liaise with the Head of Departments to enter students for their examinations, run the examination sessions, manage the process of distributing final grades on results days, manage the Post Examination results service and collate the Examination Certificates from all the boards ready for collection by students.

In order to do this work, we liaise with the examination boards for UK examinations, as well as the International Baccalaureate Organisation



Information for students and parents and/or carers from the Chief Regulator Ofqual including information on:

Support for students: summer 2023, Arrangements for GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2023, Grading for GCSE, AS and A levels in 2023, Contingency/ arrangements, Vocational and Technical Qualifications and a Student guide:  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/open-letters-arrangements-for-exams-and-assessments-in-2023/letter-to-students 




KEY DATES for Spring/Summer 2024

(Full timetable in downloads below)


IB Orals - 04/03/24 to 08/03/24

IB Examinations - 19/04/24 to 17/05/24 (including 06/05/24 bank holiday)


GCSE Food NEA - 11/03/24, 14/03/24 & 15/03/24

GCSE Art - 18/04/24 to 19/04/24

GCSE Textiles - 22/04/24 to 25/04/24

GCSE Orals Examinations – 15/04/24 to 26/04/24

GCSE Examinations – 08/05/24 to 26/06/24


GCE (A Level) Art and Textiles - 07/05/24 to 09/05/24

GCE (A Level) Orals Examinations – 29/04/24 to 03/05/24

GCE (A Level) Examinations – 08/05/24 to 26/06/24


MEP Hurdle Tests

Year 10 - 15/05/24

Year 7  -  16-17/05/24

Year 9  - 20-23/05/24

Year 8 -  03-05/06/24


CONTINGENCY DAY for all GCE/GCSE Examinations is 26th June 2024. (All students must be available up to and including this date)



Issuing Results

Results days for Summer 2024 are as follows:


   IB Results: 6th July after 2:45pm on-line.  Email correspondence will come from Mrs S Porsz.
   GCE A Level Results: 15th August*
   GCSE Results: 22nd August*

*This year results will be given out in school for both A Levels and GCSE’s.


PPE dates 

Preliminary Public Exams

Year 8    22/04/24 to 26/04/24

Year 7    29/04/24 to 03/05/24

Year 9    07/05/24 to 10/05/24

Year 12  03/06/24 to 14/06/24 (not 05/06 as UCAS day)

Year 10  24/06/24 to 05/07/24




Below are downloadable forms and information sheets that should cover all possible situations. However, if you cannot find what you need or you have a more general enquiry then contact the examinations team through the email address examinations@aesessex.co.uk and put student name and class in the subject line.


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