International Sixth Form

Welcome to the International Sixth Form. We are committed to making every effort to find appropriate and suitable courses for individual students. To this end, you will have a choice of A Levels or an opportunity to study the highly acclaimed International Baccalaureate Diploma. Most unusually, however, there is the opportunity to study selected parts of the IB Diploma with A Levels. The IB Career Programme provides an internationally recognised vocational qualification. We believe that this gives an unrivalled opening for each student to combine qualifications in a way which best suits their needs.

All routes are broad and balanced including the A Level route which requires the study of four A Levels. It gives students the chance to study subjects in depth whilst retaining a broad and balanced programme. Year on year the results testify to the success of this programme including progression to University. The more you do in the Sixth Form, both from the programmes of study and from the extra-curricular activities, the better will be your career prospects. We will encourage and support you in doing this.

Achieving the best possible examination results will be your goal as it is ours. However, the International Sixth Form programme is much richer than just the subjects taught. Extra-curricular activities are numerous and in some cases challenging. You will get more out if you put more in.