International Enterprise Academy

What is the International Enterprise Academy?


The Anglo European School International Enterprise Academy is a centre of excellence for students studying Business, Economics and Financial Studies courses.



Through our accreditation from the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, students develop Business acumen, Economic and Financial literacy, work-ready competencies and a holistic understanding of the rapidly changing and globalised world around them.

Students taking one or more of the International Enterprise Academy’s courses develop a portfolio of enterprise related experiences, which allow them to excel in international business settings or further education.


Which courses are available?


  • Edexcel A Level Business * (please see below)
  • IB Business Management (Standard Level)
  • Edexcel A Level Economics
  • IB Economics (Higher and Standard Level)
  • LIBF Financial Studies
  • AQA GCSE Business (Key Stage 4)


Please see the individual subject pages for additional information about these courses.

IBCP Route:

Many Enterprise Academy students choose either Edexcel A Level Business or LIBF Financial Studies as their “Career related study” in our International Baccalaureate Career Related Programme route. Please see the outline of this route in the “Curriculum routes and subjects section.

Why join the International Enterprise Academy?

Taking one or more of the above courses grants you access to the below opportunities which develop your entrepreneurial competencies. Any opportunity marked with a * below is associated with the Edexcel A Level Business course only.


Tycoon Enterprise Challenge

Students have the opportunity to start a business with funding from the Peter Jones Enterprise organisation. Students are given the opportunity to compete nationally, receive mentoring and gain feedback on their plans.


Bespoke work experience

Students undertake a work experience placement, which could be abroad. Students have the opportunity to develop work ready competencies and develop their understanding of the world of work.


Elevate Character Education Programme

Students engage with a national character education programme, which builds their personal brand and networks.



Student career interests are identified and developing using the Unifrog portal, providing an opportunity to build a competency portfolio


Flash Challenges*

Students partake in at least three enterprise challenges per academic year. These range from starting a micro-business to solving a problem for a specific company. All entries are submitted to the Peter Jones Enterprise organisation.


Peter Jones Enterprise Academy Alumni Mentoring

Students are given access to the alumni mentoring network, which host frequent events for young entrepreneurs and provide mentoring opportunities


National Entrepreneur Award

Students have the opportunity to partake in this prestigious award, building a business with the help of industry experts


“Entfest” Graduation

Students attend the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy graduation day. Students attend workshops which develop their enterprising characteristics.


For further information, please contact Mr Knights, Business-related Studies Coordinator at



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