Study Club

Study Club is a popular activity open to all students in Year 7 through to Year 11 in our suitably well-equipped Library.

It is a quiet area where students can come to complete homework, revise for an exam or test, research a topic or read a book, do some artwork such as drawing or sketching etc.

It aims to encourage the development of successful independent learning strategies and ensure students are fully engaged in furthering the skills and knowledge required to reach their academic targets.



Opening Hours


Mornings Before school from 8:00am until 8:45am.
Lunchtime Period 4 for Key Stage 3.
Period 5 for Key Stage 4.
Afternoons After school from 3:30pm until 5:00pm.


Please note that any students who wish to use Study Club before or after school do need parental permission to do so and need to complete this form below.


Study Club Parental Permission Form



There are 30 computers (with access to printers) for use and an additional 25 students can sit at desks around the Library.

Students also have access to use the extensive range of reference books, text books, language dictionaries and, of course, any other fiction or non-fiction book in the Library.

Dedicated staff are on-hand to assist students while they are in Study Club, be that trying to find a book, trouble printing, guidance with computer use, understanding a homework task etc.


Why go to Study Club?

Students often come back to Study Club day after day as it allows them focussed time to carry out their work, reading etc. with adult supervision.


“To be honest, I’m not a big fan of reading but coming to Study Club it has changed my mind”.

Year 7 student


We understand the pressures homework can cause if resources are not easily to hand at home and not all students have access to computers or printers at home so it provides vital facilities to enable access to learning.



“Study Club has given me a great opportunity to read and study. The staff are really kind and understanding and it has also given me a chance to find friends”,

Year 8 student



This resource also enables students to interact with other students from all year groups enriching their social circle within the school.



“Study club has given my daughter a great opportunity to do revision and catch up on homework. She goes in the morning at 8 o’clock until 8:45 every day. The atmosphere, which the friendly staff create, make students feel comfortable and safe in the environment. I would recommend study club”,

Parent of Year 9 student



Topics / Displays

During Study Club students often contribute to the current topic being displayed. Perhaps working on a written biopic article to use in our ‘Black Lives Matter’ display or a beautiful colourful drawing for ‘Divali’.

Study Club Code of Conduct

Study Club is first and foremost, a place to study and students must respect the code of conduct in order to attend.

Any students who disregard the code of conduct will be asked to leave and are subject to the same disciplinary actions applied across the school.

Details of the expected code of conduct in Study Club can be found here.


Study Club Code of Conduct


This facility provides access to 14,000 books, computers and study advice which costs £17,000 annually. We therefore ask parents to make a donation, via ParentPay, to help fund this facility for each child that makes use of it.