Emergency Closure

Closing a school is a significant decision and one that is not taken lightly. Parents can establish whether or not our school is closed in the following ways:-

  1. An Edulink message will be sent out to all parents informing them of the school closure.
  2. Check the school website (www.aesessex.co.uk) 

It is often a more difficult decision if we are faced with closing the school DURING the school day. if this decision is made, the following procedures will apply:-

  1. We will be advised by our bus service providers whether it is necessary to collect children early and we will allow them to do so. They will advise you by telephone. Please ensure they have your daytime contact details.
  2. We will also take note of any interruptions to train services.
  3. We will place a message on the FRONT of our website. Please do not ring the school unless absolutely necessary as our staff will be putting in place our closure procedures.
  4. Since our children travel from as far afield as inner London, Suffolk, Colchester, Maldon and Basildon, it is important that we work in partnership with parents. Since it is impossible for us to know the precise conditions you are facing locally we will support any reasonable request by you to have your child collected or for them to travel home. On making such a request by telephone you may be asked questions by our staff to confirm your identity or we may ask your child to ring you directly in the presence of a member of staff.
  5. Under no circumstances should you contact your child directly by mobile phone. These are not allowed to be used in school and it is vital that we remain in control of the situation in school if we are to exercise a duty of care to your child.
  6. We will send out an Edulink message to all contacts that we have registered.
  7. In the event of bad weather, students should turn up for school as normal if they can get home safely. Students whose contract transport does not turn up should stay at home.