Leave of Absence

There is no entitlement to term-time absence and The Education Act Regulations (amended 2013) prohibits Headteachers granting a leave of absence, except where an application has been made in advance, and they have considered there are “exceptional circumstances” relating to the application.

If you wish to request a leave of absence (other than for medical reasons), citing exceptional circumstances, please complete this form and submit it to the Attendance Officer at attendance@aesessex.co.uk 3 weeks before you require leave.  Notification of the Headteacher’s decision will be sent in writing, where possible by Edulink.

If the absence is not authorised and taken anyway, the school reserve the right to refer the case to the Missing Education and Child Employment Service who may issue a penalty notice to each parent of £60, payable within 28 days.

Good attendance at school is a key factor in the educational success of children and if your child’s attendance is below 95%, any request is unlikely to be agreed.

Should this absence be granted, it is essential that your child completes any missed work from this period, liaising with their teachers appropriately, to ensure they do not fall behind.  Should the leave of absence extend beyond the authorised period, a further application must be made.

Please fill in the leave of absence form below: