Subject Intent: 

As the newest addition to our MFL department, Arabic is quickly becoming more popular.
We aim to enable students communicate effectively in a range of topics and contexts whilst being enthused about the culture and customs of the language. We intend to build our students up to be inquisitive and curious about the Arabic culture, knowledgeable and understanding as they step out to explore and reflective as they see how they grow and develop through Foreign Language learning.  

Subject Implementation: 

In Key Stage 3, through our lunch and afterschool clubs we aim to introduce students to the Arabic language and culture through lunch time lessons on the alphabet, greetings, food and way of life in Arabic-speaking countries. This allows our students to recognise their common humanity and strive to gain inter-cultural understanding and respect. Students who have been studying Arabic for 3 years can hope to take an Arabic Level 1 accreditation in their 4th year. 

Students can also choose to begin Arabic in the L6th through the Level 1 accreditation. This gives complete beginners a good overlook of the Arabic life and language and enables students to feel confident when talking about themselves in Arabic. 

We also regularly benefit from virtual or live events organised by the British Council and the Qatar Foundation International and these always provide an invaluable insight into the wider Arabic culture. 


Subject Impact: 

Our students become well-rounded and understanding individuals. Learning about the Arab world allows them to understand and discuss current political and economic issues such as the refugee crisis. They show intercultural understanding and are able to draw comparisons with their own culture and become more aware of similarities between people all around the world.    

Head of Department

Mrs H Latimer

Benjamin from the Arabic Club at Anglo entered an Arabic speaking competition organised by the British Council in partnership with the Qatar Foundation International. 

Benjamin impressed the judges so much that he won first place in his category and was invited to their awards ceremony where he was interviewed!  You can watch the video of his interview below: