Anglo European School Association (AESA)



The Anglo European School Association is a registered charity run by parents. It is part of the Anglo European Co-operative Trust and fulfils the role of representing parents on the Anglo European Co-operative Trust Forum. 

If you would like to become part of the AESA complete this form or email

The AESA exists to:

  • Enhance relationships between staff, parents and others associated with the school
  • Engage in fundraising and other activities to support the school
  • Provide a forum for discussion between parents and school bodies

EASY Ways to Support the AESA:

  1. Sign up to the AESA Lottery and win cash prizes – complete the form
  2. Make your online purchases via Give As You Live/Everyclick
  3. Purchase discounted tickets to Adventure Island Fun Park
  4. “Like” the AESA Facebook Page
  5. Volunteer your time at an AESA organised event
  6. Donate raffle prizes to AESA events
  7. Join the AESA Committee (meets approximately 6 times per year)
  8. Attend an AESA fundraising event

2022-2023 AESA Committee:

  • Committee Chair – Nikki Chatha
  • Vice Chair – Jenny Morgan
  • Treasurer – Jag Chatha
  • Secretary – Jennifer Barnett
  • Lottery Coordinator– Jenny Morgan
  • Adventure Island Co-Ordinator – Jenny Morgan
  • Committee Members – Cate Everett, Georgina McLaren
  • Volunteers – Many

Membership:  All parents and carers who have children attending the Anglo European School automatically become members of the AESA. The committee is always looking for parents to volunteer at the fundraising events and to share new ideas about how to raise money to further support the school.

Fundraising:   The money raised by the AESA is used to enhance the work undertaken by different departments within the school to support teaching and learning. In recent years, AESA fundraising has helped finance a number of exciting projects for the school, including supplies for the Science and Arts departments, display cases to showcase work of Sixth Form students, a new privacy screen for the medical room, and a multi-faceted literacy initiative, to name just a few. Fundraising activities have included the Lottery, Adventure Island ticket sales, raffle ticket sales, refreshment stalls, gift stalls, quiz nights, a winter festival, and school discos.



School Association Lottery

What is it? The Anglo school Lottery raises vital funds for the school to enable our children and teachers to have extra equipment, books, materials, and unique opportunities in their classes and throughout their learning journey at the Anglo.

How does it work?   You can support the AESA with an annual standing order of £20.00 per play or you can play as many multiples of £20 throughout the year to increase your chances. To join the School Association Lottery please complete the form here.

What happens with my money? 50% of funds raised go to the school and 50% is prize money which is drawn three times each year and sent to winners via BACS.

Who can get involved? Any parent, grandparent or carer of a child at the school can participate in the Anglo School Lottery.

Tickets to Adventure Island Fun Park, Southend–on-Sea, Essex

The AESA is able to sell discounted tickets to Adventure Island for your children, family and friends.

Gate price: £28.00 / AESA price: £18.00 

The AESA is able to offer this price throughout the whole year, so don’t miss out on this opportunity – please complete the form and return via email to

Please refer to for opening times and visitor information.

Give As You Live

Do you shop online? If yes, please support the AESA through GIVE AS YOU LIVE
This is a simple and secure way to give cash back to the school every time you shop online. When you sign up and shop at your favourite stores, the AESA receives a commission from every purchase you make and it won’t cost you a penny.

In 2021-22 the AESA supported the school with £62.68 from Give As You Live.

Please visit