Our ambition is to instil a love of Sociology in our students encouraging self confidence and high aspirations. We will make them challenge their understanding of the world and develop a critical and reflective approach to understanding contemporary society that reflects the mission statement of the school. Our students will ask big questions about social issues and in doing so they will develop their sociological imagination, challenging taken for granted assumptions. Our curriculum is diverse covering attractive and engaging topic options that inspire students to learn. Students progress from the the study of research methods used by sociologists and theories developed into synoptic analysis of key social institutions: Education; Families and Households; The Media and Crime and Deviance. These topics promote understanding of culture and socialisation and stratification in society as well as awareness of social inequalities, prejudice and discrimination.




Our linear A-Level programme develops students knowledge over two years and this is achieved through thorough and collaborative planning ensuring that students embrace the attractive curriculum with enthusiasm. A variety of teaching strategies and kinaesthetic tasks promote student engagement in the curriculum and learning extends beyond what is examinable. Students critically examine the social world around them and contextualise the knowledge gleaned in lessons making them socially aware enquirers who understand the reasons for human behaviour as well it’s impact. Our teaching encourages the development and continual refinement of key sociological skills; knowledge acquisition, analysis of sociological material, extended writing, evaluation of theoretical perspectives and methodologies and application of theories to important social institutions. Enrichment opportunities enhance the curriculum and these take the form of day visits, additional reading and research opportunities as well as department run “Masterclasses” for key examination skills required for success.



Students are introduced to and develop sociological skills and knowledge enabling them to critically analyse and evaluate theories and methods in relation to the integral topics of stratification, power and differentiation as well as culture and socialisation. Our 2019 examination results show that the curriculum is having a positive impact with an impressive 86% of our students achieving A*- C and 100% of students passing their final A-Level examination. The quality of teaching is complimented and students communicate their enjoyment in studying Sociology. A large number of students choose to study the subject at undergraduate level clearly showing that the knowledge gained from our curriculum as well as their classroom experience means they develop a keen thirst for sociological knowledge that will only be quenched with further study in the subject.