International Visits Programme

What makes our school truly international is that for over 40 years we have built relationships with partner schools across Europe and Asia to engage in ten day home-to-home exchange visits. All students are invited to take part in the exchange visits to the countries of the language they are studying.

Our students stay in their exchange partner’s home, living with their exchange family and take part in cross-curricular day excursions and activities to places of historical and cultural interest.

Likewise, the students visiting from the partner school stay with our families and take part in their own excursion programme while they are with us.

Exchanges to Europe

The exchange was a wonderful blend of language, culture and good food.  I spoke a lot in Italian…I feel I can understand when people speak Italian a lot faster than before.

Capucine – Year 9 student


Partner Schools

Our partner schools are very much considered part of the Anglo extended family who are as equally dedicated as us to provide the exchange visit experience and develop relationships between the schools and students.
Our Languages department are dedicated to engaging with our partner schools outside the visit programme by asking students to write letters to to our partner school students in the target language and share cultural experiences.


I got to try actual crêpes, they were amazing. My favourite part of the exchange was getting to know my partner and having such a nice family making me feel at home

Felicity – Year 8 student


Where are our partner schools?


France – Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle in Avignon, Collège Roger Vercel in Dinan, Collége Ampére in Lyon

Germany – Goethe-Gymnasium in Frankfurt, Helmholtz Gymnasium in Heidelberg, Gymnasium am Mosbacher Berg in Wiesbaden

Italy – Istituto Comprensivo Leonardo Da Vinci, Saronno (Milan)

Spain – Institut Santiago Sobrequés i Vidal in Girona, Colegio Juan XXIII in Granada, La Salle Sagrado Corazón in Jerez, IES Juan de Mairena in Madrid



China – Hangzhou Changhe Senior High School in Hangzhou, Nanjing Foreign Language School in Nanjing, Dagang High School in Zhenjiang

Japan – Chuo University Junior & Senior High School in Tokyo

I think this exchange was the hardest but most rewarding exchange. I got a realistic insight into their lives and would definitely go again. I was surprised by how much Chinese traditional culture influences them. They are very proud of their traditional culture which was cool

Imogen – Year 10 student

Japan Exchange


Long Term Exchange Visits

One of our most unique initiatives is to offer the change to Year 10 students who show academic promise in their chosen language the chance to take part in our long term exchanges to Lyon in France, Frankfurt in Germany or Girona in Spain. The Lyon and Girona exchanges are four weeks long and the Frankfurt exchange is eight weeks long.

Long Term Exchanges

These visits are intensive home-to-home exchanges where our students attend the partner school every day and take part in lessons. The partner student is then invited back to have a similar experience in the Anglo. In this way, students get the chance to really become a citizen of that place, to understand what life is like day to day for those people their age who live there and to evaluate their own lives in comparison. This exchange, more than any other, shapes the individual in ways that cannot be quantified.


This was the best experience and I am so glad I went. I made so many friends and Spain is a beautiful place full of great people. I loved the school, my family and the language. I didn’t want to leave.

Gloria – Year 10 student on Long Term Exchange


The Ann Dodgson Foundation

The Ann Dodgson Foundation provides grants to young people to help support their understanding of French language and culture.  Typically, but not exclusively, it provides grants for attending courses or undertaking work experience in French-speaking countries.

Ann was an outstanding teacher of French who died in 2011.  The Foundation was set up in her memory by her family .

More information, including the grant application process, can be found on the following website: