China Exchange

For students studying Mandarin, there is the chance to take part in a two week home-to-home exchange visit with one of our partner schools.

We have three partner schools in China:
Hangzhou Changhe Senior High School in Hangzhou
Nanjing Foreign Language School in Nanjing
Dagang High School in Zhenjiang

The visit starts with a couple of days in Shanghai to explore the areas of cultural interest then onto one of our partner schools for ten days.


It’s an amazing opportunity. There are many advantages of taking part in the exchange to China as it is so different to England in many ways. You make connections for life. I feel I have become more confident in the language.

Alice – L6 student

I loved the visit and it has created many good memories of my time there in such a beautiful country with amazing culture and hospitality.

Dylan – L6 student

Students spend some time in the partner school learning what a typical day in a Chinese school is like then take part in day excursions to local cultural and historical places of interest.

China is totally different to any other European exchange, it allows you to have a different perspective on the way of life and appreciate what you have.  Their schooling and homes are totally different to England. You will never forget it and you get to learn about their rich history such as that of calligraphy, Tai Chi and cuisine.

Ryan – L6 student

This visits provides a real insight into Chinese culture and staying in the exchange partner’s family home provides an unequalled chance to practise speaking Mandarin. Our students’ vocabulary and confidence in speaking is significantly improved by this visit.

The exchange partners then return to stay with our students in their homes, learning about the English school day and taking part in local excursions to Essex and London.