Subject Intent:

The economics department strive to convey the dynamism of the subject and challenge students to question the ever-changing economic environment which surround consumers, firms and governments. Students studying Economics form part of the Anglo International Enterprise Academy, whereby students gain opportunities to develop economic literacy, work ready competencies and an entrepreneurial flair through our partnership with the Peter Jones Foundation. The department aim to bring theory to life and use contemporary, international issues and case studies. We offer the Eduqas A Level, IB standard and IB higher courses, whereby students study micro, macro, economic development and international trade. As a result, students gain a full appreciation of the functionality of local, national and global economies. In addition, students develop their enquiring minds with a sophisticated ability to question the world in which they live.


Subject Implementation:

Students study micro and macro economics simultaneously in Lower Sixth, Economic Development and International Trade in Upper Sixth. Teachers encourage proactive reading around the subject and students keep a reading log of economic news stories. All students receive free access to the Financial Times and Economist mobile apps to help with this. Students have access to a fully resourced shared drive, with lesson resources, case study examples and examination past papers to aid independent study. Students each receive a copy of the course textbook, alongside access to the revision tool “Kognity” to support their studies. Students are formally assessed at the end of each unit, with a full pre-public preliminary examination at the end of Lower Sixth and in January of Upper Sixth. This helps students to develop examination technique and monitors their progress along the course. All Lower Sixth economics students attend a “City of London Experience Day” attending Blackrock, Lloyds of London, Investec and the Bank of England. Students are also regularly invited to the “Community Lecture” series in school, allowing students the opportunity to frequently engage with industry experts, enhancing social and cultural capital, whilst allowing the direct application of theory to practice.



Subject Impact:

Students will complete their Economics studies with a full understanding of the functions of key economic stakeholders. They will be able to confidently explain the purpose of each function and be mindful of external pressures impacting the role of consumers, firms and governments in the modern, globalised, world. Students will also fully appreciate the impact of multi-national corporations and their influence upon the current global economic system. They will be evaluative of their own consumption decisions, firm strategies and government policies linking economic theory to recent economic developments.