Year 7 – Ebblinghem Visit


Ebblinghem is much more than a venue, it forms a rite of passage for all of our young people and makes a permanent contribution to their life story.  As Headteacher, I took part in the first pioneering visit to Ebblinghem.  I was immediately struck by how involved were both our own staff and those working at the centre. In Ebblinghem, I am proud to say that all of our students visit the battlefields of World War 1.  This experience has a deep and abiding impact, giving real insight into our history. Ebblinghem has always provided a springboard for a child’s journey through school.  Long may it continue.


To begin the Anglo International Visits Programme, all Year 7 students are expected to take part in a whole year group, nine day residential study visit to northern France and Belgium in June.


Château d’Ebblinghem


The group stay in Château d’Ebblinghem near St.Omer and spend each day taking part in cross-curricular day excursions and activities including visiting World War I cemeteries, taking part in the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate in Ypres, a bakery, chocolate factory, Montreuil-sur-Mer, St.Omer, Nausciaa aquarium, La Coupole WWII bunker and planetarium.


“On this visit I have learnt to be more independent and to not be scared to go out by myself. I have also gained new friendships with new people. I have gained new knowledge” 

Rebecca – Year 7 student


This visit plays a key part in preparing students for the other visits in the International Visits Programme offered from Year 8 onwards through to Sixth form where students will take part in the exchange programme to Europe, Japan, China and Russia as well as other residential visits including the MEP Y8 visit to China, and the Lower Sixth visit to UN Geneva or Lesotho.


“Our daughter came home buzzing from this visit. She talked about it all evening and again today. The range of activities offered was just wonderful, ranging from fun to educational. This is what trips should be about. There is so much more that can be learnt outside a classroom. You just cannot put a price on experiencing things first hand.
This trip has really set her up for the many other visits she will be doing whilst at the Anglo European School and this is the very reason why we felt that this was the school for her.
During the pre-visit meeting we attended, we were told that our children would come home ‘changed’. This is definitely the case. Already, we have noticed a change in her attitude because she had to look after herself and do things for herself for a whole week. Long may it last!
We couldn’t be happier about the way the visit went. We knew that our daughter was in safe hands and that she would come home with many happy memories that she would treasure forever. The trip has also helped her bond with many pupils and has developed good friendship groups”

Parents of a Year 7 student

Year 7 visit to Ebblinghem

The visit helps students to create new friendships, increases confidence and resilience, gives thoughtful insight into important historical and international events and piques their interest for the other opportunities in our distinctive International Visits Programme.


You become more open minded and form stronger relationships and the memories you gain will be unforgettable. We are privileged to go to a school where we travel the world because other schools only stay in England for their school trips

Theodor – Year 7 student