Physical Education

Subject Intent

The Physical Education department intend to inspire pupils to participate and enjoy sport and other physically-demanding activities inside of school, outside of school and continue their participation in later life. We aim to develop every child’s health and fitness, while motivating them to lead healthy, active lives. 

We provide opportunities for pupils to participate in sport by creating a varied extra-curricular timetable and by entering teams and competitions in football, rugby, netball, basketball, cross country, gymnastics, athletics, swimming, cricket and rounders. 

Subject Implementation

The Physical Education department aim to develop students’ competence to perform the required skills and techniques in a wide range of sports including football, netball, basketball, rugby, cross country, badminton, handball, table tennis, trampolining, gymnastics, dance, volleyball, cricket, rounders and athletics. Pupils are also taught to use a range of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in both individual and team sports. Additionally, we try to develop students’ understanding of what makes a performance effective, and encourage them to analyse their own and others’ work. 

All P.E lessons are embedded with promoting values such as sportsmanship, fairness and respect. 

Subject Impact

Sport and exercise develops physically healthy students who have an increased bone density, increased cardiovascular health, increased muscular strength, increased muscular endurance and increased stamina. Additionally, sport and exercise develops mentally healthy students who are happy, enjoy sport, have an increased self-esteem, increased self-confidence and have low levels of stress. Furthermore, sport and exercise helps students to make friends and feel part of a team. 

The Physical Education department aim to develop students’ abilities to overcome physical and mental challenges. Additionally, we hope that students are able to develop their confidence in performing and solving problems as an individual and as part of a team. 

We have many close links to local community sports clubs, which we encourage students to explore.