International School Award

For the Sixth time running, Anglo European has been awarded the International School Award. This prestigious award is given in recognition of the outstanding international curriculum, global extra-curricular programme and visits and exchanges programme. Despite the obvious restrictions imposed on us by Covid the Languages Department and the International Office have pushed on with reform and curriculum refinement and improvement over the last two years. We have reviewed our entire curriculum, ensuring the golden thread of internationalism permeates all subject’s schemes of learning and that our curriculum was further refined to increase the diversity and representative value for all students and staff. The whole staff received training from Prosperity on diversifying the curriculum and our new Diversity Forum and Student Committee will further this work during the coming year.

In addition, in the last three years, we have introduced two new partnerships with our new colleagues in Tokyo, Japan and Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia and developed inaugural exchange programmes which we hope to resume in 2023. We’ve also introduced the AES International Fringe Fortnight this year to replace Globex and incorporate a greater focus on international curriculum development, cross-curricular links, alongside health and well-being recovery.



In the absence of exchanges, we have developed partnerships with Globe from Home, Dragon Training and UCL IOE to develop virtual visits to all our partner countries and further on-line learning resources. Dragon Training have worked with us to produce two programmes for our feeder primary schools – in Chinese and Arabic and we piloted the first programme with two of our feeder primaries in the summer term. Further funding from the Qatar Foundation will enable us to roll out these programme in Arabic, engaging primary students in this exciting language in the run up to the Football World Cup in Qatar next year. UCL IOE worked with the British Council and Peking University to broadcast a week’s international conference for all our MEP students which included on-line teaching, live interaction with students in Chinese Schools, interactive debate and discussion and the further development of language and vocabulary through our university teaching partnerships.



"The school has earned this prestigious award through its inspirational international work and links with schools abroad.
The International School Award is a chance for schools to be recognised for their important work bringing the world into their classrooms. This is especially commendable when schools have been deeply affected by the global pandemic. The desire to build on their international work shines through and it is with upmost pride that we celebrate their achievements.
By embedding an international dimension in children’s education, these schools are preparing their students for successful lives in the UK or further afield, empowering them to be global citizens, and are creating vital opportunities in an increasingly global economy."

Scott McDonald, Chief Executive of the British Council



The Award is now available worldwide in countries such as India, Egypt, Lebanon, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Over 6000 International School Awards have been presented to successful schools in the UK since the scheme began in 1999.

We are very grateful to the on-going resilience, determination and hard work from the International Office and Languages Department Colleagues for pursuing innovative and exciting opportunities under such limiting and difficult circumstances whilst we wait for international travel, insurance policy and contingency procedures to become more secure in the year ahead.