Food Technology

Subject Intent

Food Preparation and Nutrition welcomes all levels of chefs in year 7 with the aim to nurture and encourage a love of food and cooking, developing their technical and practical knowledge and understanding. 

We will provide students with technical skills knowledge and encourage them to develop lifelong skills enabling them to create; balanced, healthy and nutritious dishes. 

Additionally, Students will gain the skills needed to successfully adapt dishes enabling them to make healthier choices, alter dishes for different dietary needs aswell as understanding flavours and cooking methods from different cuisines further reinforcing our international school ethos. independently. 

Subject Implementation

Students will work through three major projects in KS3, all of which include: theory knowledge, kitchen skills and practical knowledge. These projects include in Year 7 healthy eating, Year 8 World foods and Year 9 Dietary requirements. 

Students will work through theory knowledge progressing from a very basic understanding of different types of foods to a progressively more complex science-based knowledge to provide both a working and professional understanding of the working characteristics and properties of food when it is cooked. 

In addition, students will gain a knowledge of different technical skills to enable them to cook a variety of dishes, broadening the student’s skill level and boosting confidence in their abilities. This in turn enables students to cook progressively more difficult dishes, consider their flavour combinations and adapt them through reflection. 


Subject Impact

As a result of the student’s extensive subject training we believe out our students have gained the confidence, desire and resilience required to progress to GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition. 

Students will be able to communicate their subject knowledge, making clear links to the application of Science, technical skills, using subject specific terminology and displaying an ability to demonstrate them practically. 

We aim to for our students to be independently reflective and objective in their view of improvements and developments of their dishes.