UN Geneva Visit

One of the pinnacles of our visits programme is our six day bi-annual visit that is made possible with the support of the World Federation of United Nations Associations and the United Nations Association here in the UK (of which the school is a member). 

Our mission statement urges young people to make the world a better place.  If we are serious about this, which we are, then we need to know how the world works.  The Palais des Nations in Geneva is an inspiring place with people from all over the world working collaboratively to set global standards for human rights,  maintain peace and security and encourage sustainability and maintain.  This opportunity for Anglo students is a natural extension of our historic mission.

Mr David Barrs, Co-Headteacher

This is a unique opportunity given that we are one of only a very few schools to have been approved to do this. The UN normally only deal with university-age students. 

I learnt so much about the UN and what their role is in the world…The intellectual property conference was the part I enjoyed the most.

Christian – L6 student

The programme involves a tour of the Palais des Nations and briefings from expert UN staff as well as from staff at some of the Specialised Agencies based in Geneva such as WHO, UNHCR, ILO, WTO and more. 
It also incorporates some time to enjoy Geneva, including a boat trip on Lake Geneva.

The programme is designed for students interested in International Affairs or who are keen to explore the global dimension to their subject of study.  It will also be of interest to those students who may wish to develop a career in such fields as: Diplomacy, International Law, Economics and Development.

I found the disarmament conference fascinating as the speaker was engaging and got us actively participating in a subject which was thought provoking, emotionally involving and that affected our future security massively.

Nicholas – L6 student

My favourite presentation was the WMO as I take particular interest in climate change.

Caroline – L6 student

This is an intensive study visit with a very busy programme of events and students are expected to work hard but the rewards are evident in the feedback students give us.

Before the visit I was unsure whether or not to study International Law or something related to International Relations.  This experience has encouraged me to pursue a career with an international aspect.

Jayshree – L6 Student