International Dimension

Learning locally, thinking globally

Whether it is French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, Russian or Spanish, learning languages is central to the school’s mission. Students are required to study two languages up to the age of 16 and at least one in the sixth form.

Students can study French, Chinese and/or German and Spanish from Year 7 to 9. Latin is taught as an enrichment course in Year 8, and English as an Additional Language is also available to support students with different linguistic backgrounds. In Year 9, students are invited to study a third language such as Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Special provision is made for native speakers of Chinese, French, German and Spanish.

The school is a centre of excellence for the teaching of Mandarin Chinese. We are part of a global network of Confucius Classrooms and, in partnership with Essex County Council and Jiangsu Province in China, we host a Jiangsu Resource Centre which supports the teaching of Mandarin in other schools as well as our own. Our Communications Room has the latest in communications technology and this enables us to develop new ways of working with our network of over 20 partner schools around the world.

The school supports primary schools and colleagues in other secondary schools and we also train languages teachers. Almost all of our students achieve a good grade in at least one language and we are one of the highest performing schools in the country for the progress children make in languages. Our students really are global learners!

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